Château de Roux

Château de Roux

How to discover Cévenol Piedmont? 

Simply by letting yourself be guided by its tourist accommodation, its restaurants, its suppliers of tourist activities but also by its range of regional products.


Our exceptional situation, in plain, offers us a beautiful landscape between hills, vineyards and cereal crops.

Located in the immediate vicinity of the Mas de Roux, in the hamlet of Roux in Bragassargues, the Château de Roux has been a family property for several generations.


The vineyard, of about 20 hectares, surrounds the Castle and consists of different grape varieties:


- Syrah: a variety found in the Rhône Valley, Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon, Australia, America, Argentina, Chile, Italy, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland. This grape gives powerful wines, on spice aromas (like pepper), very colorful and very aromatic.  A Syrah-based wine usually delivers its full potential after a few years of aging.


- Grenache: it is one of the great grape varieties of the Mediterranean. It is mainly found in France and Spain. It is characterized by an upright habit and vigorous twigs. It is resistant to drought but is susceptible to certain diseases (late blight, grey rot and runny).


or even the Roussane: noble grape variety producing wines of very high quality, fine, straw yellow color, powerful, very often with good acidity, with remarkable bouquet and aging very well.


The attachment to a low yield and a culture respectful of the environment allow the vineyard to express itself and Hubert de Morogues to offer us superb cuvées years after years.


Gradually, all the plots of the vineyard are converted into Organic Agriculture.


An anecdote that is not trivial but that we should know: a historical piece was found in 1902, on the grounds of the Château de Roux; a Menhir statue, carved stone with human figure and dating from 3000 years BC.


le menhir de Roux


Since our arrival at the Mas de Roux, we have been working closely with Hubert, the only independent winemaker in our small village. He controls his cuvées from A to Z and his products are of excellent quality.


The Appellations produced by the Domaine de Roux are the IGP Cévennes and the AOC Duché D'Uzès.


Since 2020, we open the Cave to you on request (by contacting us beforehand to organize your visit in the best condtions).


The organization of the reception of groups for a collective tasting is possible: do not hesitate to contact us for your projects.


Whether you are staying at the Mas de Roux or not, we will be happy to welcome you and make you discover these excellent products at a very good quality/ price ratio.


les cuvées du Château de Roux


When you request group meals, our proposals will always include the Château de Roux wines at the cellar rate, which allows you to leave again, if you wish, with beautiful local wines.


If you want to know a little more about each cuvée, we suggest you visit our Online Local Products Ordering Shop

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